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Automobile Multifunctional Fluorosilicon Protective Coating Paint Coating Interior Coating Plastic Coating

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Product Description:

The high content of fluorine silicon and new anti-pollution materials perfect integration of science and technology products. Compared to traditional products, the coating is brighter, smoother, longer-lasting, and has a broader range of applications.

Product features:

Can form a protective layer on car paint, paint, glass, plastic, rubber, leather, metal, and other surfaces, with hydrophobic self-cleaning antifouling function, can effectively block ultraviolet rays, resist friction, and adverse environmental damage. Fluorosilicon technology penetrates the substrate and forms a protective layer. Under normal circumstances, the protective effect is long and can be superimposed.

Construction conditions:

1. The application of car paint, paint, glass, and other smooth surfaces should be selected in good light conditions for construction. After degreasing and cleaning, ensure that the surface is dry. Apply the paint evenly, wait 2-5 minutes to dry, and wipe it with a towel until it is bright.

2. When applied to plastic, rubber, leather, metal, and other surfaces, clean the surface of the base material to ensure dry, local block construction, evenly spread after standing to wait for drying. Plastic, rubber, leather, and other elastic materials, the coating must be dried 2-3 hours after everyday use

Package includes:

1*30ml interior renovation coating agent


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