Bomini D

TikTok 3-color Concealer Conceal Cover Dark Circles Freckles


Skin type: All skin types
Specification: 15g

Shelf life: 3 years
Effect: Cover blemishes & dark circles, weaken pores, brighten skin tone
Colors: Bright & Natural & Healthy, 3 in 1

Smooth and delicate, long-lasting concealer

Clear and flawless, deduct perfect skin
1. Multi-purpose, 3-color almighty
2. Microdermabrasion Concealer, A touch of soft focus
3. Even skin tone, Solve the dullness
4. Moisturizing, Long lasting concealer

3 targeted colors Solve dark circles, tear grooves, dullness, uneven skin tone

# Bright color
Retouch dullness, fill up tear grooves, naturally brighten skin tone
# Natural color
Covers dark blemishes such as spots, acne marks, etc.
# Healthy color
The strongest concealing power, covering dark circles and large blemishes, can be used for partial shadows

Flawless makeup, easy to have

Multi-effects in one plate, full face available
# Cover dark circles
Use a small amount to brighten the skin and spread it on the dark circles several times
# Cover acne marks, spots
Use healthy colors first, and then use natural colors to cover skin that is similar to the nearby skin tone.
# Cover up dull skin tone
Cover with natural color in small amount and many times
# Trimming
Bright color for brightening, healthy color for shadow

Safe ingredients without added

Gentle skin care
* No artificial flavors
* No added 20 designated hazardous ingredients

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