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New Mini All-metal High-carbon Reverse Wire Metal Wheel Telescopic Small Sea Pole Throwing Pole

$66.66 $145.99

Product name: Telescopic sea pole

Color: yellow
Material: high carbon material
Sea pole length: 1.5m/1.8m/2.1m
Sea pole shrink length: 36cm-48cm
Maximum load: 10kg
Guide ring: stainless steel metal
Scope of application: rivers/lakes/oceans, etc.

Note: The above parameters are all manually measured, there are slight differences, which will not affect the use. Thank you!

Telescopic Luya Sea Pole

Carbon fiber rod body, strong waist, anti-explosion line

Convenient telescopic, comfortable feel,

Full metal high carbon, shrink length is only 30cm

EVA separate grip, comfortable hand feeling, labor-saving to hold, warm and comfortable, light weight, non-slip, wear-resistant, easy to clean, not easy to slip

Multi-layer carbon cloth high carbon rod body

The high-carbon fiber structure is tightly arranged, and the fishing rod is strong and light in texture. It can withstand repeated strong impacts and fish freely.

The telescopic pole section is made of copper guide ring, which is light-weight and anti-twisting, and is firm and does not fall off the ring

Metal-reinforced universal wheel position, reinforced explosion-proof ring, durable and non-detaching wheel

Telescopic pole in one palm, easy travel


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