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Aquarium Siphon Semi-automatic Water Change Changer Fish Tank Water Change Pump Gravel Filter Aquarium Water Cleanger Tools

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Item Name: Aquarium Siphon Water Change Changer
Suitable For: Aquarium, Fish Tank 
Colour: As shown in the figure
Innovative automatic siphon pump (semi-automatic water exchanger), convenient and fast
Equipped with a water flow control valve, the water flow can be adjusted at will.
Built-in filter screen to prevent sucking young fish or gravel out of the tank.
This tool is easy to install and use
Because of its high-security performance, you are free to use this tool
With this tool, you can remove dirt from the bottom of the aquarium. Equipped with a long straw, suitable for large and small aquariums
Usage method:
1. Put the water change straw into the fish tank.
2. Put the water outlet at the other end of the water pipe into the bucket.
3. Squeeze the air chamber until it works.
4. Lower the water inlet to absorb fish feces and feed debris from the gravel.
5. Different types of fish tanks can adjust the size of valves as required.
Matters needing attention:
1. Put the water inlet into the aquarium
2. Do not drain the water during use
3. The water outlet must be lower than the water inlet.
4. Keep pressing the water suction ball, stop pressing after the water flow is formed, and then change the water for cleaning.
5. Because the filter has a pore structure, too fine sand will be sucked out. Tighten the outlet pipe to control the water flow. Avoid this situation.

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