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Car Glass Anti Fogging Agent Long-Lasting Car Window Defogging Rear View Mirror Flooding Rainproof Agent

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Anti-fog/rain-proof agent parameters:

Product Name: Rainproof Agent for Automobile Glass

Capacity: 120ml/bottle

Product features: water-based rainproof agent has a strong and lasting effect of flooding water

Scope of application: suitable for the whole car glass/rearview mirror

Storage conditions: 0-40C dry and cool environment


*After the anti-fogging agent is applied to the glass, a -hydrophilic layer will be formed on the glass. When the hot and humid air in the car encounters this hydrophilic layer, it will evenly adhere to the hydrophilic layer to form a water curtain The light will not be refracted after passing through the water curtain, so it will not affect our sight.

*The rainproof agent will fill the uneven pores of the glass and form a protective layer on the glass surface. Under the action of the protective layer, rainwater will quickly form small water droplets. When the volume reaches a certain level, they will slide down the glass under the action of gravity, and at the same time, they will also take the dust on the glass. Clean once.

*No damage to the film, no glare, polymer water-based components, no damage to the film, no glare at night. Clear vision

Package Included:

1*Anti-fog/rainproof agent

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