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Cartoon Ice Silk Double-hole Nap Pillow With Hole Breathable Office Lunch Break Artifact Multi-functional Four-season Universal

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  • 🌈High-quality material: The nap pillow is made of authentic environmentally friendly top-quality cotton. The cover is made of an extremely soft plush skin that is comfortable and breathable, does not shed lint, and does not fade. Ideal for students and white-collar workers who wish to take a brief, peaceful snooze at their workstation.
  • 🌈Unique design: The nap pillow features a hollow design that allows for unfettered breathing and natural ventilation. Face-down sleepers will appreciate it. The one-of-a-kind design minimizes arm pressure, the hands are numb, and the slumber is soothing. It's also a great present for friends or family.
  • 🌈Comfort: The nap desk sleeping pillow is around 25x30x25cm in size, making it highly convenient to use the desk's snooze and sleep aid capabilities to make sleep more enjoyable. Winter, in general, is no longer afraid of the cold, allowing people to look forward to napping regardless of where they travel
  • 🌈Due to squeezing: After being withdrawn from the compression bag, the product may have a surface wrinkle. The ideal technique is to remove the PP cotton inside the pillowcase and then gently iron it with the puffiron. Your nap pillow will be as flat as the one seen in the illustration.

Use: nap pillow. office. home

Size: pillow:25x30x25cm



Blanket size:  1*1.7m


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