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Funny Tumbler Cat Toy With Cat Stick Treat Leaking Toy for Cats Kitten Self-Playing Puzzle Interactive Cat Toys Pet Products

$25.26 $56.99

Product Information

Hot sale interactive cat feeding toys set tumbler cat playing toy
Material: Plastic
Size :100x100x135mm
Color: Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink
Application: Cats

🐱Delicious and fun, wear-resistant and bite-resistant
🐱The double trackball design can more effectively concentrate the cat’s attention and facilitate the owner to take better care of the pet
🐱Adjustable food feeding hole design, the size of 1-2 food feeding holes can be adjusted according to needs
🐱Slow food leakage is safer. Due to the design of the adjustable leakage hole, a little cat food is enough for cats to play all day.
🐱The internal "maze-like" damping column allows each snack to pass through multiple obstacles before it finally appears on the pet's mouth. Compared with ordinary toys, it greatly prolongs the difficulty and time of the pet's "hunting". The movable baffle can be adjusted so that the toy can adapt to more sizes of snacks and pet dry food while controlling the speed and difficulty of food outflow
🐱Snacks can be loaded by opening the top cover, and snacks can be added at any time during interaction with pets, which is very convenient! The large and rounded upper cover makes it more comfortable to open and avoids the toy being broken or the pet is injured due to the pet's biting habits

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