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Hair Straightening Cream Replenish Hair Nutrition And Moisture Does Not Hurt Hair Easily Soften

$35.23 $69.99

Contains plant collagen and vitamin E ingredients, nourishes the hair, strengthens the hair, protects the hair color, and improves the natural elasticity of the hair, with the effect of reducing the degree of hair damage after the hot, smoothing, and no damage to hair.

Not available for pregnant women
Hair Moisturizer: Use hair moisturizer for amazing results in soft, shiny, and straight hair. Helps turn curly hair into straight hair. Frizz-free and dense shine. One of the most effective keratin treatments in a single step.
SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Our keratin hair straightening treatment provides frizz control for dry and curly hair. This hair protein smoothing treatment is a frizz-free hair care solution you can trust. Please rinse your hair after use.
Results: A quick and easy-to-use treatment that instantly straightens, smoothes, repairs, conditions and strengthens hair.
Rich Smoothness: Use a treatment rich in protein and smoothness to rejuvenate hair by repairing it from the inside out. The excellent results will leave hair neat, flexible, soft, and natural.
For Curly Hair: The treatment removes frizz while adding smoothness and reducing static, making it easy to manage and work with.

Net Content: 300g

Shelf life: 1095 days

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