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Cute Milk Tea Corgi Stuffed Toy Rag Doll Tiger Mascot Throw Pillow Gift

$35.36 $72.63

ūüź∂Material and Features: 100% soft pp cotton stuffed Akita doggy toy.¬†Stuffed with premium cotton.¬†Safe and skin-friendly to close contact.¬†The plushie is super cute and soft.¬†Adorable plush toys for all ages and you can put them everywhere you want them to be as cute decor to make your life more adorable¬†
ūüź∂Adorable is Everything!¬†For all Akita dogs, Shiba Inu dogs, and Corgi lovers, this plushie is your best choice!¬†Maybe it‚Äôs hard for us to get a real one but it‚Äôs easy for us to get a plush toy instead!¬†Cute as the real one.¬†Hug it and kiss it!¬†We add additional cute elements and themes to make our toy more adorable!¬†
ūüź∂Adorable Decor for Everywhere: Put it on the sofa so we can hug always, on the bed so we can sleep with, and in the car so we can lay on...¬†Just put it anywhere you want!¬†Make you feel happy every time you see it even at a glance¬†
ūüź∂Quality Cuddles for All Ages: No matter how older you are and no matter who you want to give it to, there are the cutest cuddles.¬†No age-limit gift.¬†Play with it or put it somewhere as decor. Cute toy for the kids' bedrooms and adorable plush decor for the family playroom.¬†Kids and adults all love it¬†
ūüź∂Perfect Gift for Most Occasions: A cute stuffed plush toy is a good choice as a birthday gift for your children.¬†Or a good gift choice for your colleague and employees...¬†Boys who have cute girlfriends, these toys will surely be happy to get them...¬†No one can resist such a cute plushie!¬†Gift for all cute and friendly people!¬†Life is so wonderful and so adorable!¬†

Please allow 5cm differences due to manual measurement.

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