Bomini Z

New Comfortable Insoles Elastic Shock Absorbent Soft Slippery Arch Support Spats

$19.23 $34.67


Material: High Elasticity Memory Foam+High Quality nylon gasket.
Soft, light, and comfortable to wear.
Full-length bow support.
An extra heel pad protects the heel bone from a painful stroke.
Provide extra support for the heel and the foot.
Extra cushioning at the heel for maximum effect.
Stoma design is not afraid of sweat, suitable for exercise, and keeps the feet fresh.
Suitable for comfort and amortization of all types of casual and casual shoes.
U-shaped Cup Design, Stable the heel and improve the stability of walking.
The breathable Mesh Design Will bring you good ventilation to avoid bad smells.
Cushion Pad Design, Bring a good shock absorption function to protect your feet well.
Arch Support Design, Disperse grounding pressure and relieve discomfort.
Helps the roots of the feet in the movement to be neutral, When walking, balance the internal arch, the lateral arch, and the transverse arch, and the foot structure is in a neutral stable state.
Arch deformation:
The arch has the function of maintaining body balance and carrying weight. The arch is relatively flat, unable to cushion the pressure, and the foot is prone to fatigue, resulting in an imbalance of the body, causing pain in various parts of the body.
Long-standing or heavy load, poor walking habits, intense exercise or work strain, so that the muscles and ligaments of the feet relax and shrink, the arch is not protected, resulting in deformation of the arch.
This insole can be used for correcting flat feet, high arch feet and foot eversion Wait. It is a very good flat-foot corrective insole.
Can be trimmed easily:


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